Hello all,

I have always experimented with my image; always trying to find the real “me” that I wanted to show the world. Now that I’ll be 30 in only a couple of years I feel like I’m finally scratching the surface of what I’m comfortable with and what I can do to express myself wholeheartedly to the world around me. I know this all may sound way too “Berkeley” or “hippie” but it’s something I’ve always had in the forefront of my consciousness.

I have noticed that I have become increasingly aware of my OCD with my image. And it’s not only annoying but a little spiritually disturbing to myself. I want to become able to let things go when it comes to myself visually. I want to be able to see an imperfection and say “whatever, no big deal” as opposed to, “Oh my gosh. I gotta’ pick at it, or cover it up or SOMETHING.”

I’ve done some research and decided that I want to make a few dreadlocks in my hair. Not my whole head. Just two or three to tend to; to help me become more patient and to give myself permission to let the little things go. I’ve always believed there was beauty in the imperfections and now I want to live that ideal within myself.

Also, to get away from the “hippy-dippy” side of it: I like how they look aesthetically and the idea of accessorizing with beads and things excites me.

Here are a few inspirational images I found online:

(Images linked to source)

Here is also a YouTube video by eakhful about dreading. I found her video(s) very helpful and felt connected to her decision to dread her hair.

Have any of you tried dreading? I’d appreciate any comments, ideas, or thoughts.




Etsy Envy

Feather Necklace by Meadow Brie

Silver Hairpin By Jenny Buttons

Leather Tapestry Boots by Ouma Nour

Feather Hair Extension by Echoing Waters

Leather Oxfords By Trees Treet Vintage

Wood Frame Shades By Tumble Weeds Oddities

Lion Money Clip By Cosmic Firefly

Vertibrae Cuff Bracelet By Academic Jewelry (not shown on Etsy but I'm still in envy of it!)



Inspiration Care Of Seven Devils

Since I am admittedly totally obsessed with everything about Florence Welch including her fashion sense I wanted to share this fan-made video for her song Seven Devils. It is compiled by FATMFanClub who used some really prime clips of Florence looking oh so hauntingly stylish (as usual):

What do you think??

What Caught My Eye (A.K.A. It’s great to be back)

Hello, Hello!

Well, we haven’t spent much time together since well before the holidays! I have been SO busy. I was in Massage School (got my certification, yay!), plus we moved to a new place (which still only has a faint internet signal from whomever I may be “borrowing” it from. Thank you whoever you are!) I also was flying all around the country for the holidays and needed a vacation from my vacation. Fhew! But now, I’m happy to be back on the blogging horse and eager to get some great DIY and style posts up. But until I can actually choose a place to blog that isn’t perched at my kitchen counter (we will have internet Tuesday, I promise) I wanted to share some post from friends/comrades.

I have been seeing some really inspirational and exciting recent posts all around but here are a few of my favorites (and one not-so-guilty pleasure for many of us):

I love Devils on Horseback. This post is from a blog called The Answer Is Always Pork hosted by my good friend (and Noah's co-worker) Emily

A purely California post by Paige of Barefoot and Vintage (A VERY good friend of MiAylita!)

I have seen a lot of 2011 recaps this New Year but this is one of my favorites 😉 Plus, she's having a HUGE sale at her Etsy shop: Archives Vintage

I've been embracing the "nerd," "miss-matched," "tom-boy" style for as long as I can remember. This look really does it for me. I need to get my hands on a killer vest. If anyone sees one please let me know!

And, finally, Downton Abbey. If you haven't heard of this spectacular feast for the eyes then please check this historical drama out. The costumes and story are equally intoxicating.


What Caught My Eye: Things to make your gams warm

I was browsing Etsy (again!) and came upon a few delightful (and, now, desired) leg-warmers and crochet slippers. I would be happy to get any/all of these under my Hanukkah tree 🙂


Wouldn’t you love cuddling up to read a book in any of these? Or walking around town looking cozy and cute? I definitely would!


Which pair of these (or different ones) is your favorite?

What Caught My Eye

The Phrase for This Post: Fur-Lined Fall

Alexz, of Bird Trouble, included this bag on her own "10 Things I Love" list. I loved it so much I decided to include it on mine, too.

I love matching boots with dresses. This look, care of B. In The Know, is sexy and strong.

This vintage cloche hat from Vera Vague's Etsy shop looks chic and warm.

As I told Rachael of The Paraders, I had an out-of-body experience when I saw this coat on her blog.

Fall wouldn't be fall without a little leaf action. This photo is care of Tieka's blog, Selective Potential.

Check out the blogs I mentioned! You can find them all either in “Blogs I love” or “Shout Outs” to the right of this post 🙂

Stay warm!