Mod & Comfy.

I am always searching for basic cardigan sweaters. I found this forest green one at a local thrift store. It was missing buttons so I went to the craft store and bought some bright teal ones to add a little mod flavor.

Unfortunately, the sweater looks black in the photos and I couldn't pick up the color in Photoshop. Trust me, it's dark green

Then I added a fun printed collard shirt to go underneath and buttoned it all the way up. It seems more mod to me that way.





Bamboo Mood

I just received this vintage bamboo patterned skirt in the mail and wore it today to take a relaxing walk around the lake.

Hat: Handmade, Cardigan & Shoes: Target, T-Shirt: REI, Skirt: Vintage

Necklace: Vintage family heirloom

I was feeling like a punch of color today because I usually wear earth-tones and wanted to brighten myself up a bit. I still really gravitate towards the puce green color (what an unfortunately horrid name) that became popular several months ago and used that as my color block. Yes, I also recently changed my hair color, again.

Dyno also decided to make another appearance 🙂

Shoes and belt: thrifted

pants and undershirt: Target, Sweater: gifted

Necklace: Local Thai Market, Earrings: Jewel Mint

Weekend Wardrobe: What happens when your boyfriend doesn’t follow directions.

I skipped Weekend Wardrobe last weekend because we got into a cleaning frenzy and I definitely didn’t feel anything but gross and dirty. But, it’s back again. Actually I’ve decided to retire Weekend Wardrobe. Don’t panic! It’s mostly just the name that’s going to be benched. Let’s face it, sometimes on the weekends we all just want to stay in our pajamas and sit on the couch. So instead of a Weekend Wardrobe I’m going to have style posts whenever I darn feel like it. I’m thinking I’m still going to have about one a week or so but I’m not going to pressure myself into being creative about my outfit at a specific time. But I need a new Wardrobe post name idea. Any suggestions?!

Well, let me get to it. Noah has been the one taking photos of me for these posts. And he has been doing a great job ;).Today, I think he was feeling a bit rebellious because he decided he was going to take “only candids” during our photo shoot. I embraced it and we came up with some funny ones. Also, our cat Dyno made her debut!

Scarf: vintage (from mom), Shirt, belt, skirt: thrifted, Tights: Target

Boots: thrifted


There ya’are. Please let me know if you have any brilliant ideas for a style post title. Have a great monday!