Shooz, Lenox

When I was back east I had the pleasure of visiting a dear friend of mine at the store she manages. Shooz is a popular shoes and accessories boutique nestled in the quaint village of Lenox, Massachusetts.

Not only do I try to stop in almost every time I’m back home to gander the new goods but I used to work at this fabulous store a few years ago. It was hard not to spend my paychecks strictly on inventory from this shop. Here are a few reasons why:











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Up Close and Personal

Since we just got settled into our new apartment I decided to post a few of my favorite colors, textures, and patterns that surround us on a daily basis. Enjoy!

I Haven’t Fallen From The Earth

Hello all!

I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’m actually in massage school until the 17th (yay, massage!) But that means that I’m at school from 9am-6pm every day (it’s an intensive program) and don’t have the time nor the energy to post. I promise I’ll be back over the holidays and more after that!

Hope you all are getting the chance to get into the holiday spirit ūüôā





{Image care of Greenville Massage}

All About the Pumpkin (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!)

So, yesterday I set out on a mission to lighten my hair so I could dye it red and get it like this: 

So I went out and bought L’Oreal Super Blonde (#200) at the local drug store and some Garnier Haircolor in Pomegranate.









I followed the directions in the L’Oreal box (didn’t¬†do a strand test, though. Yeah, I’m hard core). I knew I¬†didn’t¬†need to get my hair platinum and my hair already has red undertones in it so I knew it wouldn’t get platinum even if I tried (red hair is REALLY hard to get blonde, at least with box bleach, because the molecules are much bigger. Just a little science for you). I just wanted it lighter so I knew the red dye would be more brilliant. I also¬†didn’t¬†mind that¬†there¬†was some color variation in the end result because I did want high and low lights after I was all done dyeing the crap out of my hair.

I left the bleach in for about 15 minutes, checked it, applied a little more to where it was getting a bit dried out, and then waited another 15 minutes. I could see that the ends were getting lighter than the rest of it (that is where I first started applying the bleach because the ends of my hair were a little darker than the rest, thanks to having dyed my hair before) so I decided¬†to¬†rinse it out and shampoo it with the handy dandy moisurizing shampoo that came in the L’Oreal box.

After coming out of the shower my hair was definitely orange (which I expected) but had some interesting highlighting effects going on. I warned Noah that I would be walking around with strange colored hair for the night (I wanted to wait until the next day to give my hair a break before using the red dye). But after letting it air dry and styling it a little I decided I really like it the way it is!

It is definitely unnatural (to say the least) and has a lot of variation as far as highlighting (the little bit of blonde in the front is because I had bleached that area a while back to get a little blonde whisp) but I’m really really am enjoying it.

I’ve always experimented with my hair color and am not afraid of bold color (I did have bright magenta hair in middle school. My “boyfriend” at the time dumped me¬†because¬†of it lol). Apparently there is a girl in a band called Paramore who has a very similar thing going on. I am not familiar with¬†the¬†band or the girl but I think she looks adorable and do not at all mind sharing a hair color with her.

It is wild and fun and definitely goes with my playful spirit lately. I will also be embracing the style of two of my coworkers who have pink hair and grey/violet hair.

It is a little dry (to be expected) but I am not going to wash it for a couple more days and then do an Olive Oil treatment at the ends before my next shower. If you have dry hair I would definitely¬†recommend¬†piling on olive oil and leaving it in your hair for as long as you can stand. It definitely helps. Also try to get yourself an all natural shampoo and conditioner with NO chemicals in it. If you can’t read an ingredient just don’t buy it. Using hair products without¬†sulphates¬†or harsh chemicals also helps your hair grow longer because you’re hair is happy and not being beaten up by chemicals on a constant basis (says the girl who just bleach-attacked her hair…) Aubrey Organics is REALLY good and really healthy for your hair.


Anyways, what do you all think??


What Caught My Eye

The Phrase for This Post: Fur-Lined Fall

Alexz, of Bird Trouble, included this bag on her own "10 Things I Love" list. I loved it so much I decided to include it on mine, too.

I love matching boots with dresses. This look, care of B. In The Know, is sexy and strong.

This vintage cloche hat from Vera Vague's Etsy shop looks chic and warm.

As I told Rachael of The Paraders, I had an out-of-body experience when I saw this coat on her blog.

Fall wouldn't be fall without a little leaf action. This photo is care of Tieka's blog, Selective Potential.

Check out the blogs I mentioned! You can find them all either in “Blogs I love” or “Shout Outs” to the right of this post ūüôā

Stay warm!

You’ve Got The Love

I just wanted to say that starting this blog has been so much more rewarding than I even expected it would be (and it’s only been a few weeks)! Not only do I have a creative outlet to have fun with but I also have been connecting to other bloggers. This is, by far, the most exciting part of it all; getting to share interests and inspiration with others who are into the same kinds of things I am. It’s really amazing.

So, I wanted to send out a little love and appreciation to those that are reading my blog, commenting, following, or giving me a shout out. I am so happy and honored to be part of this wonderful blogging world ūüôā I can’t wait to connect with you all more and also can’t wait for who I may connect with in the future!

You’re all fantastic!

Weekend Wardrobe

Since my job isn’t really the best place to show up to in a rockin’ outfit, the weekends have become my time to “dress up.” I’ll be posting a new Weekend¬†Wardrobe every weekend (or try, anyways).

Jacket: J Crew

Shirt and Shorts: Thrifted

Necklace: Jewel Mint

Shoes and Tights: Target

Spooky Atlanta

Last weekend Noah and I went to Atlanta to visit his twin brother, Tim, and his fiance, Leiana. Neither of us had been there before and¬†didn’t¬†really know what to expect. But, it definitely wasn’t what I had(not) expected.¬†

Atlanta’s architecture was beautiful and a whole lot of styles were scattered amongst different neighborhoods. There were ultra modern buildings¬†nestled¬†amongst brick lofts and quaint 2-story homes. The people were all really friendly and seemed to take a lot of pride in their city. Everyone really seemed to be in a¬†genuinely¬†good mood. This is not to say that Atlanta doesn’t have it’s more run-down areas. Every large city is bound to have that. But all-in-all, it seemed like a really well-maintained, joyful place.

The food was also INCREDIBLE.¬†Biscuits, grits, butter, burgers, and ice cream. The four of us met up with Tim and Leiana’s friends, Cashelle and John, at the Highland Bakery. Cashelle couldn’t finish her breakfast of fried chicken eggs benedict but said it was so good I had to finish it for her. I, of course,¬†obliged.

After a hearty breakfast we all drove into Stockbridge, GA to check out the Yule Forest Pumpkin Patch. It had been a while since I’ve visited a good ol’ country pumpkin patch. It definitely satisfied my growing need to see one.

Noah & Tim

"Frontier Rabbit Village"

If you think there was so much to see at the Yule Forest Pumpkin Patch, you can imagine how many more photos there are of the rest of our trip. There will be another post about climbing Stone Mountain.

Stay tuned, little goblins.


Well, Hello There.

The time has come.

Yes, I have started a blog. I am so excited about all of the interesting and fun things I encounter throughout my days. I am also very excited to share them with you.

Here I will post about the crafty, the handmade, the whimsical, the inspiring, the comforting, and the informative (and I’m sure I’ll come up with a few other things as well).

Thanks for reading and I hope to have you around often.