Satchel Bangles

This past weekend some girlfriends and I had a group tag sale. Mixed in with all of our things I found a leather tassel that matched EXACTLY to my new thrifted floral purse. I love tassels and anything Boho so you can imagine how excited I was to get home and use my jewelry tools to add it to the purse.

I also poked around my bead collection and found that I also had some cute wooden beads that matched the colors of the purse (how lucky is that?). I quickly strung them up and added them to complete my up-cycled accessory.

I’m starting to really like the idea of personalizing bags with beaded accents.


What do you think?     🙂


Urban Ore Finds

Here in Berkeley we have a fabulous place called Urban Ore. It is a cross between a Flea Market and a pack-rat’s organized chaos. You can find anything there from used kitchen supplies to furniture; vintage gas stoves and clothing; records and books. It’s a thrifter’s dream.

Noah and I went to check out the goods this weekend. While he was searching for Flip Clocks I poked around and found this cotton blue floral scarf and skirt.



Etsy Envy

Handmade infinity scarf by Run System 63

Butterfly fingerless gloves by Love at First Blush

Turquoise fold-over clutch by Dodo Toronto

Copper and crystal ring by Samantha Pirok

Success spell amulet by White Moon Witchcraft

Leather and brass bracelet by FORTUNE

Leather & brass is a wonderful combination, don’t you think?

Painted Stems

I am definitely going to make myself a pair of these sometime soon. I think they’d look great paired with a tucked in button-down shirt {which could be almost any color depending on what colors are on the pants} and a simple pair of flats. But I’m sure there are lots of other ways to wear them that will look fantastic and definitely make them a conversation starter.

What are your thoughts?

Etsy Envy

Feather Necklace by Meadow Brie

Silver Hairpin By Jenny Buttons

Leather Tapestry Boots by Ouma Nour

Feather Hair Extension by Echoing Waters

Leather Oxfords By Trees Treet Vintage

Wood Frame Shades By Tumble Weeds Oddities

Lion Money Clip By Cosmic Firefly

Vertibrae Cuff Bracelet By Academic Jewelry (not shown on Etsy but I'm still in envy of it!)



Inspiration Care Of Seven Devils

Since I am admittedly totally obsessed with everything about Florence Welch including her fashion sense I wanted to share this fan-made video for her song Seven Devils. It is compiled by FATMFanClub who used some really prime clips of Florence looking oh so hauntingly stylish (as usual):

What do you think??

Mod & Comfy.

I am always searching for basic cardigan sweaters. I found this forest green one at a local thrift store. It was missing buttons so I went to the craft store and bought some bright teal ones to add a little mod flavor.

Unfortunately, the sweater looks black in the photos and I couldn't pick up the color in Photoshop. Trust me, it's dark green

Then I added a fun printed collard shirt to go underneath and buttoned it all the way up. It seems more mod to me that way.




Blonde Ambition

I’m stuck sick at home today (boo!). At least I have movies to watch like Truth or Dare, the behind the scenes documentary of Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour in 1990.

I remember seeing this documentary years ago but I definitely wasn’t as aware of how amazing and iconic Madonna was. In case any of you have forgotten, Madonna was (and is) such an amazing trendsetter and was able to push the boundaries of female sensuality / sexuality in a way that changed our view of ourselves.

Her collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier for her stage costumes helped bring her influential fashion sense to another level. Who can forget this iconic under(over)garment:

I watched the movie thinking about how amazing her costumes were and how they are still relevant today.