Satchel Bangles

This past weekend some girlfriends and I had a group tag sale. Mixed in with all of our things I found a leather tassel that matched EXACTLY to my new thrifted floral purse. I love tassels and anything Boho so you can imagine how excited I was to get home and use my jewelry tools to add it to the purse.

I also poked around my bead collection and found that I also had some cute wooden beads that matched the colors of the purse (how lucky is that?). I quickly strung them up and added them to complete my up-cycled accessory.

I’m starting to really like the idea of personalizing bags with beaded accents.


What do you think?     🙂


Urban Nest

When I was little I would go around the house and gather up every pillow I could find. No, I was not preparing for a massive pillow war. I would arrange them all in a large circle (large enough to sit inside) and then cover the pillows with a blanket. In front of the television, I would lay there imagining I was in a nest.

Now that I’m older I have become more committed to creating a cozy calming space to hang out in and this is what I came up with:

Dyno guarding the nest

Do you have your own special spot?




Painted Stems

I am definitely going to make myself a pair of these sometime soon. I think they’d look great paired with a tucked in button-down shirt {which could be almost any color depending on what colors are on the pants} and a simple pair of flats. But I’m sure there are lots of other ways to wear them that will look fantastic and definitely make them a conversation starter.

What are your thoughts?

Plumber’s Rings DIY

I was inspired by Ivana from Love Aesthetics DIY Hardward Store Rings. I loved the look and found I could buy a packet of ten for about $4 (At the local hardware store in the plumbing section), which can’t be beat. I decided to cut a few of the rings in half with a pipe-cutter for a little more variety.

I had so many rings left over that I decided to make a necklace out of the rest. I’ve gotten compliments on it about every time I’ve worn it. You can see me wearing it two posts back in Out With The Old…(my link button isn’t working, sorry about that!).

One thing I would suggest: Since the rings are made of copper they may cause your fingers to turn that green color. I would suggest painting the inside of the rings with clear nail polish and letting it dry before wearing. That should do the trick!

DIY Cute Belt Satchel

I was on my way this friday to a bluegrass show and knew I did NOT want to lug around a purse or even put my phone/money in my back pocket (I wanted to dance without being anxious about losing anything). So I made a quick little belt satchel out of a pocket from Noah’s old bathrobe.

If you have basic sewing skills (I hand-sewed everything) then you can probably make this in an hour or less!


1 pocket (from an old pair of pants, a shirt, etc…)



ribbon cut to desired length.

Sticky-back Velcro

The Steps:

1. Cut out your desired pocket.

Leave enough fabric surrounding so that you can fold and sew the rough edges (see step three). Make sure it is made of a strong fabric (corduroy, cotton, etc…) if you are planning to hold heavier things or a lot of things at once. Stretchy fabric would work, but will not hold the shape of the pocket well once it’s holding all your goodies.

2. Gather your desired ribbon.

Or what you will use to tie the completed satchel to your belt/belt loop (you can also have long enough ribbon to tie around your whole waist). Again, make sure it is not too stretchy (you don’t want your satchel hanging too low or awkwardly because of stretchy ribbon).

3. Sew the ragged edges to the backside of pocket.

Making sure not to sew all the way through to the front side of pocket (you don’t want to sew your pocket shut by mistake!) I didn’t leave enough fabric to double fold and create a cleaner edge (something I will definitely remember for next time). I used a basic Overcast stitch. Make sure the opening of the pocket has it’s front and back fabric matched up. You can see in the picture that the back opening of the pocket is a little lower than the front. It still works but leaves a little less room in the bag once we add the velcro.

4. Sew your ribbon around the top of your pocket.

I centered the ribbon at the front top center of the pocket, pinned, then sewed around (using a Backstitch) and stopped sewing about an inch or so from the backside center. Then repeated going back around the other direction. This way there was room to tie the satchel to my belt/belt loop. (You can see where I stopped sewing on the back left side in the photo.) Sew down top and bottom edge of ribbon.

5. Sew your ends.

I didn’t sew the ends of my lace because I was in a bit of a rush but you can most certainly hand-sew the ends of your ribbon to make for a cleaner tie.

6. Cut your Velcro.

I cut mine so it was about 2 inches long. Just gauge how long to make it depending on how closed you want your pocket to be. I didn’t care if my pocket closed completely. You can see how long the Velcro is in photos 7 & 8.

7. Attach 1st side of Velcro.

I placed only one side of the Velcro in the center of the pocket opening first (on the inside, obviously). Doesn’t matter which side

8. Attach 2nd side of Velcro.

I found it easier to place the Velcro pieces together before taking the protective tape off of the 2nd side. This way I knew that when I took the tape off and pressed the two sides of the pocket together both sides would be centered (and my pocket would close correctly).

9. Press the fabric down.

This helps the fabric and glue-side of the Velcro to attach better. Also helps center your Velcro pieces onto the fabric. I decided not to sew the velcro to the fabric (again, because of time). You can definitely do this step, but remember that the thread will be seen on the opposite side of the fabric. So you can decide if you care about that or you can even sew something decorative to hide the thread from showing too much. {I’ve been using the satchel for three days and the Velcro is still holding strong}

10. Make sure Velcro is centered.

Luckily mine was. But if your’s isn’t then you can either cut out more velcro and start again from step 6 or try to just take it off and reapply. I’m not sure how much this 2nd option will affect the sturdiness of the Velcro, but if you’re planning to sew the Velcro onto the piece then it doesn’t matter ;). I personally would cut a new piece of Velcro.

11. Add your own decorative touch.

I added some buttons quickly but you can do whatever you want. Add a brooch, a patch, ribbon, lace…the possibilities are endless!

12. Enjoy!

I tied the satchel to my belt. I danced successfully without losing anything and without the satchel falling off! I could fit my cell phone, some cash, and my credit cards & license in there, too.

There are so many different things you can do with this DIY idea {and I’m sure there are other tutorials out there} but this is how I did it. The fun thing about it is that it can be done in so many different ways. I’ve been using the satchel instead of my purse for a few days and I’ve loved it. Especially not having to sit on my cell phone because it’s not in my back pocket.

I hope this tutorial made sense! Please comment to let me know what you thought or if you have any helpful suggestions.

Good luck!

The Cowl

I’ve received a few questions about the cowl I was wearing in my Winter Knits post. So I decided to put a link to the pattern for it. It is super easy (even if you’re a beginner with a few scarves under your belt) and it takes very little time because of the large needles and yarn. It is inspired by this Gap cowl that flew off the shelves and then never made a reappearance (I don’t think…)











So here’s what I found on Ravelry that is pretty similar (and the pattern I used for the cowl in my other post).

Abbreviation Key:

CO = Cast On

K1 = Knit 1 stitch

P1 = Pearl 1 stitch

BO = Bind Off

If you’re confused about any of the the terminology (Cast On, Pearl, etc) then YouTube has a lot of really great instructional videos. Just write, for example, pearl stitch knitting in the search bar and you’ll find lots of videos (Knit Witch is one of my favorites to use for reference).

Good luck and please let me know how it turns out!

Winter Knits!

I am SO excited about the chilly weather. Since moving from the east coast in 2008 I have greatly missed the season changes. Especially fall. So I often find myself starting to knit/crochet hats and scarves a little too early in the season (like, still 75 degrees too early). But now that it actually makes sense to have warm things around I would love to start sharing my winter knitting projects.

The first one was a bit ambitious. I have never knitted anything with such small weighted yarn before.

cobweb/1 ply yarn

I actually found this yarn at the Depot for Creative Reuse here in Oakland. This place is amazing. If you’re ever in the area and feel like having a fun hunt for random (and creatively inspiring) things like housewares, pieces of discarded leather, picture frames, sewing/knitting materials, and so much more then you have to stop in. The prices can’t be beat.

But I digress. The hat I found to make was this delicious thing:

Care of Jenn Jarvis on Ravelry

It definitely took some time and I did make a few mistakes (it’s a lot of work keeping track of all those teeny tiny stitches!) but I think it came out pretty darn well for a first stab.

FYI, This was a pajama day for me 😉

 I really love the way the pattern created this swirly effect around the hat. I think it really gives it a little interest even though it’s such a subtle detail.

Ta da! There you have it. I’m proud of myself and plan to wear this all the time in the coming months of winter.

If you’re interested in trying this pattern out or want to check out some more projects on Ravelry then click on the 1st photo (Jenn Jarvis’ version) of the hat and you will be redirected to the Ravelry post for it. Happy Knitting!