Hello all,

I have always experimented with my image; always trying to find the real “me” that I wanted to show the world. Now that I’ll be 30 in only a couple of years I feel like I’m finally scratching the surface of what I’m comfortable with and what I can do to express myself wholeheartedly to the world around me. I know this all may sound way too “Berkeley” or “hippie” but it’s something I’ve always had in the forefront of my consciousness.

I have noticed that I have become increasingly aware of my OCD with my image. And it’s not only annoying but a little spiritually disturbing to myself. I want to become able to let things go when it comes to myself visually. I want to be able to see an imperfection and say “whatever, no big deal” as opposed to, “Oh my gosh. I gotta’ pick at it, or cover it up or SOMETHING.”

I’ve done some research and decided that I want to make a few dreadlocks in my hair. Not my whole head. Just two or three to tend to; to help me become more patient and to give myself permission to let the little things go. I’ve always believed there was beauty in the imperfections and now I want to live that ideal within myself.

Also, to get away from the “hippy-dippy” side of it: I like how they look aesthetically and the idea of accessorizing with beads and things excites me.

Here are a few inspirational images I found online:

(Images linked to source)

Here is also a YouTube video by eakhful about dreading. I found her video(s) very helpful and felt connected to her decision to dread her hair.

Have any of you tried dreading? I’d appreciate any comments, ideas, or thoughts.




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