Urban Ore Finds

Here in Berkeley we have a fabulous place called Urban Ore. It is a cross between a Flea Market and a pack-rat’s organized chaos. You can find anything there from used kitchen supplies to furniture; vintage gas stoves and clothing; records and books. It’s a thrifter’s dream.

Noah and I went to check out the goods this weekend. While he was searching for Flip Clocks I poked around and found this cotton blue floral scarf and skirt.




Urban Nest

When I was little I would go around the house and gather up every pillow I could find. No, I was not preparing for a massive pillow war. I would arrange them all in a large circle (large enough to sit inside) and then cover the pillows with a blanket. In front of the television, I would lay there imagining I was in a nest.

Now that I’m older I have become more committed to creating a cozy calming space to hang out in and this is what I came up with:

Dyno guarding the nest

Do you have your own special spot?




Sean and Charlotte: Hippie-fab

I’ve gone back to my Hippie roots when it comes to my fashion choices. So I thought it’d be fitting to re-visit my love of Boho-chic musicians Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp-Muhl.

Sean and Charlotte on Love

Charlotte and Sean not only have their own unique sense of style that I can only describe as Hippie-Victorian-Wild West Chic, but also are founders of the band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (a.k.a. The GOASTT).

The GOASTT Live on Conan Performing “Jardin du Luxembourg