Design Your Life

Ever since I got back from 3 weeks of self-exploration in Massachusetts I have been working my butt off. I have been interviewing, constantly checking Craigslist for new job postings, connecting to potential massage clients, and trying to figure out how to be happy and pay the bills. I’m very excited {and relieved} to say all of this determination and intensity has paid off!


1. I was contacted by an L.A. based design company for some freelance illustration work (this was pure fate!).

2. With help from one of my best friends and very talented Graphic Designer, Nicole Steiner, I have decided upon my target demographic for massage clients: Tattoo Artists. So I reconnected to the amazing tattoo artist at True Love Tattoo who did the gypsy on my left arm and he is on board to be one of my new clients!

3. Lastly, I was hired as a “Family Assistant” and will get to spend my afternoons cooking healthy meals, organizing, and helping out a wonderful family.

I am so excited and nervous by what the future has in store and by the idea of taking life by the horns and striving to do things outside of the box.

These feel like big risks but also big improvements to my life. I feel like I finally have much more control over what I do and how I present myself to the world.


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