All About the Pumpkin (Happy Belated Thanksgiving!)

So, yesterday I set out on a mission to lighten my hair so I could dye it red and get it like this: 

So I went out and bought L’Oreal Super Blonde (#200) at the local drug store and some Garnier Haircolor in Pomegranate.









I followed the directions in the L’Oreal box (didn’t do a strand test, though. Yeah, I’m hard core). I knew I didn’t need to get my hair platinum and my hair already has red undertones in it so I knew it wouldn’t get platinum even if I tried (red hair is REALLY hard to get blonde, at least with box bleach, because the molecules are much bigger. Just a little science for you). I just wanted it lighter so I knew the red dye would be more brilliant. I also didn’t mind that there was some color variation in the end result because I did want high and low lights after I was all done dyeing the crap out of my hair.

I left the bleach in for about 15 minutes, checked it, applied a little more to where it was getting a bit dried out, and then waited another 15 minutes. I could see that the ends were getting lighter than the rest of it (that is where I first started applying the bleach because the ends of my hair were a little darker than the rest, thanks to having dyed my hair before) so I decided to rinse it out and shampoo it with the handy dandy moisurizing shampoo that came in the L’Oreal box.

After coming out of the shower my hair was definitely orange (which I expected) but had some interesting highlighting effects going on. I warned Noah that I would be walking around with strange colored hair for the night (I wanted to wait until the next day to give my hair a break before using the red dye). But after letting it air dry and styling it a little I decided I really like it the way it is!

It is definitely unnatural (to say the least) and has a lot of variation as far as highlighting (the little bit of blonde in the front is because I had bleached that area a while back to get a little blonde whisp) but I’m really really am enjoying it.

I’ve always experimented with my hair color and am not afraid of bold color (I did have bright magenta hair in middle school. My “boyfriend” at the time dumped me because of it lol). Apparently there is a girl in a band called Paramore who has a very similar thing going on. I am not familiar with the band or the girl but I think she looks adorable and do not at all mind sharing a hair color with her.

It is wild and fun and definitely goes with my playful spirit lately. I will also be embracing the style of two of my coworkers who have pink hair and grey/violet hair.

It is a little dry (to be expected) but I am not going to wash it for a couple more days and then do an Olive Oil treatment at the ends before my next shower. If you have dry hair I would definitely recommend piling on olive oil and leaving it in your hair for as long as you can stand. It definitely helps. Also try to get yourself an all natural shampoo and conditioner with NO chemicals in it. If you can’t read an ingredient just don’t buy it. Using hair products without sulphates or harsh chemicals also helps your hair grow longer because you’re hair is happy and not being beaten up by chemicals on a constant basis (says the girl who just bleach-attacked her hair…) Aubrey Organics is REALLY good and really healthy for your hair.


Anyways, what do you all think??



My Girl Shannyn

I’ve been slightly obsessed with Shannyn Sossamon ever since her role in A Knight’s Tale. I have even chopped off my hair (more than once) just to feel more Shannyn-esque. She isn’t the most well-known or famous actress/DJ/Mom out there, but I think her eccentric style is really unique.

Weekend Wardrobe: What happens when your boyfriend doesn’t follow directions.

I skipped Weekend Wardrobe last weekend because we got into a cleaning frenzy and I definitely didn’t feel anything but gross and dirty. But, it’s back again. Actually I’ve decided to retire Weekend Wardrobe. Don’t panic! It’s mostly just the name that’s going to be benched. Let’s face it, sometimes on the weekends we all just want to stay in our pajamas and sit on the couch. So instead of a Weekend Wardrobe I’m going to have style posts whenever I darn feel like it. I’m thinking I’m still going to have about one a week or so but I’m not going to pressure myself into being creative about my outfit at a specific time. But I need a new Wardrobe post name idea. Any suggestions?!

Well, let me get to it. Noah has been the one taking photos of me for these posts. And he has been doing a great job ;).Today, I think he was feeling a bit rebellious because he decided he was going to take “only candids” during our photo shoot. I embraced it and we came up with some funny ones. Also, our cat Dyno made her debut!

Scarf: vintage (from mom), Shirt, belt, skirt: thrifted, Tights: Target

Boots: thrifted


There ya’are. Please let me know if you have any brilliant ideas for a style post title. Have a great monday!

BKR Bottles

Anyone who follows celebrity style may have encountered these 100% BPA-free water bottles by Bkr (beaker).

The brilliance of these bottles is simple: They’re glass! So, if you’ve ever wondered if your plastic or metal-based water bottle was actually as safe as they claimed to be, you’ll be relieved to learn that these bottles have no chance to leeching any unsavory components into your drinking water. They run for $28, which is a small price to pay for complete confidence in their safety level. You can also put HOT things like tea and coffee in them without worrying about there being a lingering coffee/tea taste fused to the inside. The silicone sleeve can be slipped right off to be washed (by hand or in the dishwasher).

Noah and I have a few and share them. We keep them filled up by each side of the bed for those late night parched moments. I’ve actually kept my bottle next to my side of the bed for a full week without refilling it with “fresh” water and it always tastes perfectly refreshing.

Kate Walsh, Hilary Duff, Olivia Wilde, and Emmy Rossum are some celebs who proudly carry around their stylish and safe Bkrs

The size is also nice. It’s small enough to stick into a medium-sized purse to walk around town but holds enough water (16oz) to take to the gym. The handle is also an easy way to carry it around. Something about the tilt of the handle really makes it work. If you’re asking yourself, “But, glass? wont it break if I drop it once?” My answer to that would be, “nope.” I am a klutz and I’ve dropped mine in the house and on the street more than a few times and the silicone sleeve protects it from breaking every time. I can’t promise that it won’t break if it hits something at the exact right angle but for a glass water bottle, it’s pretty darn durable.

I love my Bkr and always have one close by me. I’d suggest giving it a full wash (screw-on top and everything) once every one or two weeks. That way you’ll always have fresh tasting beverages no matter what you put in it. 🙂

Visit the Bkr website for more information and to place an order (these make great holiday gifts!)


I know I said that you could put hot beverages in your Bkr but upon further thought I realized this may not be such a good idea. Noah and I HAVE tested our Bkrs out by putting coffee in them but, since they’re made of glass and not Pyrex or something like that, they could break. So for safety reasons, I’d advise against the whole hot beverage idea. Sorry if I was misleading.

What Caught My Eye: Things to make your gams warm

I was browsing Etsy (again!) and came upon a few delightful (and, now, desired) leg-warmers and crochet slippers. I would be happy to get any/all of these under my Hanukkah tree 🙂


Wouldn’t you love cuddling up to read a book in any of these? Or walking around town looking cozy and cute? I definitely would!


Which pair of these (or different ones) is your favorite?

DIY Cute Belt Satchel

I was on my way this friday to a bluegrass show and knew I did NOT want to lug around a purse or even put my phone/money in my back pocket (I wanted to dance without being anxious about losing anything). So I made a quick little belt satchel out of a pocket from Noah’s old bathrobe.

If you have basic sewing skills (I hand-sewed everything) then you can probably make this in an hour or less!


1 pocket (from an old pair of pants, a shirt, etc…)



ribbon cut to desired length.

Sticky-back Velcro

The Steps:

1. Cut out your desired pocket.

Leave enough fabric surrounding so that you can fold and sew the rough edges (see step three). Make sure it is made of a strong fabric (corduroy, cotton, etc…) if you are planning to hold heavier things or a lot of things at once. Stretchy fabric would work, but will not hold the shape of the pocket well once it’s holding all your goodies.

2. Gather your desired ribbon.

Or what you will use to tie the completed satchel to your belt/belt loop (you can also have long enough ribbon to tie around your whole waist). Again, make sure it is not too stretchy (you don’t want your satchel hanging too low or awkwardly because of stretchy ribbon).

3. Sew the ragged edges to the backside of pocket.

Making sure not to sew all the way through to the front side of pocket (you don’t want to sew your pocket shut by mistake!) I didn’t leave enough fabric to double fold and create a cleaner edge (something I will definitely remember for next time). I used a basic Overcast stitch. Make sure the opening of the pocket has it’s front and back fabric matched up. You can see in the picture that the back opening of the pocket is a little lower than the front. It still works but leaves a little less room in the bag once we add the velcro.

4. Sew your ribbon around the top of your pocket.

I centered the ribbon at the front top center of the pocket, pinned, then sewed around (using a Backstitch) and stopped sewing about an inch or so from the backside center. Then repeated going back around the other direction. This way there was room to tie the satchel to my belt/belt loop. (You can see where I stopped sewing on the back left side in the photo.) Sew down top and bottom edge of ribbon.

5. Sew your ends.

I didn’t sew the ends of my lace because I was in a bit of a rush but you can most certainly hand-sew the ends of your ribbon to make for a cleaner tie.

6. Cut your Velcro.

I cut mine so it was about 2 inches long. Just gauge how long to make it depending on how closed you want your pocket to be. I didn’t care if my pocket closed completely. You can see how long the Velcro is in photos 7 & 8.

7. Attach 1st side of Velcro.

I placed only one side of the Velcro in the center of the pocket opening first (on the inside, obviously). Doesn’t matter which side

8. Attach 2nd side of Velcro.

I found it easier to place the Velcro pieces together before taking the protective tape off of the 2nd side. This way I knew that when I took the tape off and pressed the two sides of the pocket together both sides would be centered (and my pocket would close correctly).

9. Press the fabric down.

This helps the fabric and glue-side of the Velcro to attach better. Also helps center your Velcro pieces onto the fabric. I decided not to sew the velcro to the fabric (again, because of time). You can definitely do this step, but remember that the thread will be seen on the opposite side of the fabric. So you can decide if you care about that or you can even sew something decorative to hide the thread from showing too much. {I’ve been using the satchel for three days and the Velcro is still holding strong}

10. Make sure Velcro is centered.

Luckily mine was. But if your’s isn’t then you can either cut out more velcro and start again from step 6 or try to just take it off and reapply. I’m not sure how much this 2nd option will affect the sturdiness of the Velcro, but if you’re planning to sew the Velcro onto the piece then it doesn’t matter ;). I personally would cut a new piece of Velcro.

11. Add your own decorative touch.

I added some buttons quickly but you can do whatever you want. Add a brooch, a patch, ribbon, lace…the possibilities are endless!

12. Enjoy!

I tied the satchel to my belt. I danced successfully without losing anything and without the satchel falling off! I could fit my cell phone, some cash, and my credit cards & license in there, too.

There are so many different things you can do with this DIY idea {and I’m sure there are other tutorials out there} but this is how I did it. The fun thing about it is that it can be done in so many different ways. I’ve been using the satchel instead of my purse for a few days and I’ve loved it. Especially not having to sit on my cell phone because it’s not in my back pocket.

I hope this tutorial made sense! Please comment to let me know what you thought or if you have any helpful suggestions.

Good luck!

The Cowl

I’ve received a few questions about the cowl I was wearing in my Winter Knits post. So I decided to put a link to the pattern for it. It is super easy (even if you’re a beginner with a few scarves under your belt) and it takes very little time because of the large needles and yarn. It is inspired by this Gap cowl that flew off the shelves and then never made a reappearance (I don’t think…)











So here’s what I found on Ravelry that is pretty similar (and the pattern I used for the cowl in my other post).

Abbreviation Key:

CO = Cast On

K1 = Knit 1 stitch

P1 = Pearl 1 stitch

BO = Bind Off

If you’re confused about any of the the terminology (Cast On, Pearl, etc) then YouTube has a lot of really great instructional videos. Just write, for example, pearl stitch knitting in the search bar and you’ll find lots of videos (Knit Witch is one of my favorites to use for reference).

Good luck and please let me know how it turns out!

My Girl Zooey

My boyfriend and I are kind of obsessed with Zooey Deschanel (Not sure if it’s for the same reasons, though). We’ve been watching her new TV show New Girl every week and I cannot get over how hilariously adorable she is. Her comic timing and style is perfection. So, here are a few of my favorite Zooey looks:

Holiday look?

With her band-mate of She & Him.

gotta love this 70s inspired look.

I noticed she's all about pairing black tights with little dresses.

Great lacy blouse and I love her hair in this photo.

A photo from New Girl. Nerdalicious!

Again with the lace

So casual. So cute.

Stripes + white collar = Oh yeah.

A little breakdown for you all.


Rockin' a great blouse and heart necklace.

See, black tights with a bold print dress.

Cheeky beach babe.

Metallic dress is to die for.

What’s your favorite Zooey look?

What Caught My Eye

The Phrase for This Post: Fur-Lined Fall

Alexz, of Bird Trouble, included this bag on her own "10 Things I Love" list. I loved it so much I decided to include it on mine, too.

I love matching boots with dresses. This look, care of B. In The Know, is sexy and strong.

This vintage cloche hat from Vera Vague's Etsy shop looks chic and warm.

As I told Rachael of The Paraders, I had an out-of-body experience when I saw this coat on her blog.

Fall wouldn't be fall without a little leaf action. This photo is care of Tieka's blog, Selective Potential.

Check out the blogs I mentioned! You can find them all either in “Blogs I love” or “Shout Outs” to the right of this post 🙂

Stay warm!