Hello all,

I have always experimented with my image; always trying to find the real “me” that I wanted to show the world. Now that I’ll be 30 in only a couple of years I feel like I’m finally scratching the surface of what I’m comfortable with and what I can do to express myself wholeheartedly to the world around me. I know this all may sound way too “Berkeley” or “hippie” but it’s something I’ve always had in the forefront of my consciousness.

I have noticed that I have become increasingly aware of my OCD with my image. And it’s not only annoying but a little spiritually disturbing to myself. I want to become able to let things go when it comes to myself visually. I want to be able to see an imperfection and say “whatever, no big deal” as opposed to, “Oh my gosh. I gotta’ pick at it, or cover it up or SOMETHING.”

I’ve done some research and decided that I want to make a few dreadlocks in my hair. Not my whole head. Just two or three to tend to; to help me become more patient and to give myself permission to let the little things go. I’ve always believed there was beauty in the imperfections and now I want to live that ideal within myself.

Also, to get away from the “hippy-dippy” side of it: I like how they look aesthetically and the idea of accessorizing with beads and things excites me.

Here are a few inspirational images I found online:

(Images linked to source)

Here is also a YouTube video by eakhful about dreading. I found her video(s) very helpful and felt connected to her decision to dread her hair.

Have any of you tried dreading? I’d appreciate any comments, ideas, or thoughts.




Satchel Bangles

This past weekend some girlfriends and I had a group tag sale. Mixed in with all of our things I found a leather tassel that matched EXACTLY to my new thrifted floral purse. I love tassels and anything Boho so you can imagine how excited I was to get home and use my jewelry tools to add it to the purse.

I also poked around my bead collection and found that I also had some cute wooden beads that matched the colors of the purse (how lucky is that?). I quickly strung them up and added them to complete my up-cycled accessory.

I’m starting to really like the idea of personalizing bags with beaded accents.


What do you think?     🙂

Urban Ore Finds

Here in Berkeley we have a fabulous place called Urban Ore. It is a cross between a Flea Market and a pack-rat’s organized chaos. You can find anything there from used kitchen supplies to furniture; vintage gas stoves and clothing; records and books. It’s a thrifter’s dream.

Noah and I went to check out the goods this weekend. While he was searching for Flip Clocks I poked around and found this cotton blue floral scarf and skirt.



Urban Nest

When I was little I would go around the house and gather up every pillow I could find. No, I was not preparing for a massive pillow war. I would arrange them all in a large circle (large enough to sit inside) and then cover the pillows with a blanket. In front of the television, I would lay there imagining I was in a nest.

Now that I’m older I have become more committed to creating a cozy calming space to hang out in and this is what I came up with:

Dyno guarding the nest

Do you have your own special spot?




Sean and Charlotte: Hippie-fab

I’ve gone back to my Hippie roots when it comes to my fashion choices. So I thought it’d be fitting to re-visit my love of Boho-chic musicians Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp-Muhl.

Sean and Charlotte on Love

Charlotte and Sean not only have their own unique sense of style that I can only describe as Hippie-Victorian-Wild West Chic, but also are founders of the band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (a.k.a. The GOASTT).

The GOASTT Live on Conan Performing “Jardin du Luxembourg

Design Your Life

Ever since I got back from 3 weeks of self-exploration in Massachusetts I have been working my butt off. I have been interviewing, constantly checking Craigslist for new job postings, connecting to potential massage clients, and trying to figure out how to be happy and pay the bills. I’m very excited {and relieved} to say all of this determination and intensity has paid off!


1. I was contacted by an L.A. based design company for some freelance illustration work (this was pure fate!).

2. With help from one of my best friends and very talented Graphic Designer, Nicole Steiner, I have decided upon my target demographic for massage clients: Tattoo Artists. So I reconnected to the amazing tattoo artist at True Love Tattoo who did the gypsy on my left arm and he is on board to be one of my new clients!

3. Lastly, I was hired as a “Family Assistant” and will get to spend my afternoons cooking healthy meals, organizing, and helping out a wonderful family.

I am so excited and nervous by what the future has in store and by the idea of taking life by the horns and striving to do things outside of the box.

These feel like big risks but also big improvements to my life. I feel like I finally have much more control over what I do and how I present myself to the world.

Shooz, Lenox

When I was back east I had the pleasure of visiting a dear friend of mine at the store she manages. Shooz is a popular shoes and accessories boutique nestled in the quaint village of Lenox, Massachusetts.

Not only do I try to stop in almost every time I’m back home to gander the new goods but I used to work at this fabulous store a few years ago. It was hard not to spend my paychecks strictly on inventory from this shop. Here are a few reasons why:











To check out Shooz’s FaceBook page click here.

Etsy Envy

Handmade infinity scarf by Run System 63

Butterfly fingerless gloves by Love at First Blush

Turquoise fold-over clutch by Dodo Toronto

Copper and crystal ring by Samantha Pirok

Success spell amulet by White Moon Witchcraft

Leather and brass bracelet by FORTUNE

Leather & brass is a wonderful combination, don’t you think?

Painted Stems

I am definitely going to make myself a pair of these sometime soon. I think they’d look great paired with a tucked in button-down shirt {which could be almost any color depending on what colors are on the pants} and a simple pair of flats. But I’m sure there are lots of other ways to wear them that will look fantastic and definitely make them a conversation starter.

What are your thoughts?

Burgers, Artwork, and a Cat in a Bag.

Well, I made it to Boston to visit with my bestie, Nicole and her new fiance, Max. It was SO good to see them both. Max stayed at home watching movies so Nicole and I could go out had have some girl time (he knows how it works, I understand why she is marrying him!)

We went to The Sunset Cantina for some greasy burgers. It was amazing. I think that’s the most I’ve eaten since I’ve been back east.

Nicole and her cute bleached hair (she calls it a “jazz patch”) waiting for a table outside Sunset. I hope she doesn’t mind me using this photo 😉

After stuffing our faces we went back to the apartment to hang out with Max and their cat, Samson Ruckus (A.K.A. Mitties), and turtle, T2.

While I was there I took a few photos of their funky fresh apartment:

Had to have a little bit of "Hippy Jesus" represented because of Easter. Below, some of Max's artwork.

Can't get much more Boston than this guy.

No apartment is complete without at least one Dia De Los Muertos nic nak.

Nicole in her awesome skeleton PJs holding Mr. Ruckus.

Samson loves bags...

...Especially mine!


The next morning Nicole and I met up with her parents and sister for  brunch at an amazing restaurant that serves traditional Jewish food as well as your favorite breakfast standards. So ,with my Old Fashioned oatmeal I had chopped chicken liver with bagel chips. SO GOOD!

It was great seeing old friends. I’m already starting to feel more like myself 🙂